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MPC Publishing is the publishing imprint of The Masterful Person Company, dedicated to the uplifting and amplification of the voices of independent authors.

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Maddie Baylor

J. S. Furlong
CLOSED for submissions
J.S. (Jen Selby) Furlong is an author, actor, and founder of MPC Publishing. Raised in the Washington, D.C. professional theatre, Jen's first published book was a LARP guide to playing truly evil bad guys: Antagonists for Mind's Eye Theatre, for Vampire: The Masquerade from White Wolf Publishing. She is the author of the Unimaginables Series, the Meredith series, and Mrs. Cheesely Loves Cheese. She has co-written a modern theatrical circus with Neil Gaiman, played a tiny but pivotal role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and attended both Ithaca College and the University of Mary Washington.
Jen's teenaged heroines struggle with truth, possibility and who they are. Now a mother to four teenagers, Jen writes and edits books that teens, tweens and adult lovers of YA will enjoy.

Deborah Hawkins
OPEN for submissions
With a decade of editing experience, Deborah excels at strengthening the author’s authentic voice while providing a collaborative experience that leaves writers feeling empowered and their writing refined. When she’s not editing, Deborah enjoys reading across genres, regenerative farming, homeschooling, fitness, and coaching women on dietary wellness.

Emmie Mason
OPEN for submissions
Emmie has a B.A. in English Literature and M.A. in Teaching Secondary Education. She specializes in YA, fantasy, and mystery/thriller fiction, but is open to all queries. She has served as a middle and high school English teacher for the last twelve years. She loves coffee and tea, her cats, swimming, and running.

Tabitha Robinson
OPEN for submissions
Tabitha has a B.A. in English and Religious Studies with a focus in journalism. She specializes in editing nonfiction, but will happily take all queries. She has served as a researcher on Capitol Hill, a K-12 English teacher, and an Editorial Board Member for several research journals. She loves cold brew, cats and bashing the Oxford comma.


MPC Publishing is an author-owned, girl power-driven, boutique publisher. Right now we are among the lowest priced hybrid publishers available, focusing on extremely high-quality, bookstore-ready projects. Our books go through rigorous editorial review and can be printed at a private printer in Dulles, Virginia, as well as, if the author desires, be listed on KDP and IngramSpark. Our special sauce is that after our publishing fee or fees for any a la carte services that you purchased from us, you keep 100% of your rights and royalties. So you are absolutely 100% in charge of your own Amazon dashboard, your own Ingram accounts, etc. We can educate and instruct you in marketing, placement, distribution, and all the other fun stuff.Right now, our goal is to create commercially viable books with the look and feel of an industry standard piece of literature. We are building our catalog to 50 titles to become part of Ingram Content Group, which will make book distribution possible to the big name bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Books A Million). We specialize in supporting independent authors at the highest standard of excellence.

our titles

Hidden City

Stacy Goldman is your garden-variety Jewish girl from New York. Except she's a chess champion. And believes in nothing she can't prove. Especially vampires.Fans of Supernatural, The Queen's Gambit and old school Buffy: The Vampire Slayer will love Hidden City. This addictive modern fantasy is thought-provoking and entertaining. The cast of diverse, honest characters bring coming of age heart to supernatural action and surprise packed adventure. Readers say Hidden City satisfies and "totally delivers!" A suspenseful dip into the supernatural world underlying the reality we see every day, Hidden City's fresh clear voice is both compelling and page-turning.

Tattooed angel

J.S. Furlong

Teenaged chess champion, Stacy Goldman, has a vampire problem.While fighting to prove monsters didn’t exist, she stumbled into the dangerous heart of Richmond’s secret, supernatural subculture. Now, she’s a target.On top of that, her science fair partner has a secret that could cost them not only the win, but their lives . . .Welcome to the middle game.
The middle game is where the layers are. The middle game is what gets you killed.

Meredith at the met

J.S. Furlong

Meredith Karzinsky is like any New York City twelve-year-old: smart, resourceful, creative, and ready for adventure. Whether it’s a bike ride in Central Park, or a walk down the street for ice cream or bagels, Meredith is all-in.When Meredith’s class endures the worst museum field trip, art & artifact loving Meredith decides to become a tour guide herself. When taking matters into her own hands spirals into a series of not-always-good surprises, Meredith and her best friend find themselves careening into an unexpected adventure . . .

too excited to sleep

tammy christian

In Too Excited to Sleep!, young readers journey alongside a spirited little mouse named Jack. While his classmates settle into their mats during school nap time, Jack's adventurous spirit keeps him wide awake. His determination to resist sleep brings unexpected visitors: a curious cat, a spotted snake, and a hovering hawk, each presenting their challenges. But the wise Mrs. Peacock, his beloved teacher, helps him recognize the value of rest and listening to one's inner voice.Beyond a tale of adventure and imagination, this heartwarming story delves deep into life's essential lessons. It underscores the significance of taking moments to recharge, the power of standing firm against peer pressure, and the sheer beauty of sharing our day's adventures with those we hold dear.Perfect for bedtime or classroom readings, Too Excited to Sleep! isn't just a story-it's a celebration of childhood wonder, resilience, and the bond between children and their caregivers.

Sumner Mage Academy's Book of Secrets

ernest burnett

Magic in America? Absolutely! But those who practice it know better than to cast their spells by waving a wand around. Forced underground, literally and figuratively, the wizards of the United States know that APEX is watching. What is APEX? The Agency for Paranormal Extermination - a top-secret government agency dedicated to the eradication of anything with even a spark of magic, even children!Fable, Simon, Ozzy and Brick are in the crosshairs. APEX has noticed their unusual talents and the only way they’re going to avoid being burned at the stake is by trusting The Shadow Lord and his odd assortment of instructors at Sumner Academy. Their choice is simple. Learn how to use their gifts or die trying…

our authors

J.S. (Jen Selby) Furlong is a producer, actor, and MPC Publishing's first author.Raised in the Washington DC professional theatre, Jen spent her teenage years learning to inhabit other people's lives on stage and make them real. Her first published book was a LARP guide to playing truly evil bad guys: Antagonists for Mind's Eye Theatre, for Vampire: The Masquerade from White Wolf Publishing. Written under her maiden name, Jennifer Albright, this book was a natural integration of both writing and acting.The largest portion of her writing began when she took a hiatus from acting to have children. A college professor once read a story she wrote and wrote on her paper "Not bad. You should publish this." Those words stuck with her. Hidden City was first drafted in 2004 just before the birth of her second son as an effort to write something her children could eventually read. Jen's teenaged heroines struggle with truth, possibility and who they are. Now mother to four of them, Jen loves teenagers and writes books that she hopes teens, tweens and adult lovers of YA will enjoy.A few random facts about Jen: 1. While writing this book initially she was also writing for and producing modern theatrical circuses, one of which she co-wrote with Neil Gaiman. 2. Jen's career in television and film includes a tiny but pivotal role on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. 3. Jen is a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and attended both Ithaca College and The University of Mary Washington.One of her goals is to speak as many languages as she needs to run circuses and buy goats around the world.She lives in Virginia with her animals, her adorable husband and whomever else happens to be home. Hidden City is her debut novel.

Tammy Christian is a first-time author from Northern Virginia. Her passion is literature for young children, especially stories that offer vital life lessons. By day, she works in IT as a Senior Systems Administrator. She loves dancing, Friday night board games, and collecting dolls. She lives with her husband and eleven-year-old son in a house filled with picture book manuscripts and way too many vegetarian cookbooks. Tammy has a treasure trove of stories up her sleeve and looks forward to sharing many more captivating tales in books to come. Too Excited to Sleep is her first book.


MPC Publishing's second author Ernest Burnett lives in Chatsworth, California, but he grew up on a pecan tree farm in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This, he explains, is why he's nuts. After a brief stint in the advertising industry working as a copywriter/broadcast producer in El Paso, Texas, Ernest moved to Los Angeles to become a very influential and powerful screenwriter specializing in the science fiction/fantasy genre. That didn't quite work out as planned in that he was neither influential nor powerful, but that's not to say he wasn't successful. For the last 25 years, Ernest has added his fingerprints to over 30 produced feature films for Disney Studios, New Regency Enterprises and CBS Films, including: BICENTENNIAL MAN, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, EMPIRE RECORDS, HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, HOLES, KING ARTHUR, LA CONFIDENTIAL and REIGN OF FIRE. Whether as an assistant to the producer or a story consultant, Ernest provided story notes and character development suggestions that were often implemented, but just as often ignored. He's also written numerous original screenplays and completed two writing contracts, one for a major studio, the other for a guy named Bob, who still owes him money.Ernest is happily married to his wife Pamela. His treasure and blessings are family, friends and his pets. He sincerely hopes that you enjoy his book, so that he can continue writing them.


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